Free Care Program

Sebasticook Valley Health is committed to treating all patients who need our care regardless of their health insurance or financial status. If you need us, we will be there.

In addition, we offer services to help you arrange for payment of your bill, such as insurance billing, payment plans, amd financial assistance, which may qualify you for reduced payment.

SVH continues to show its commitment to the local community by making free care available to applicants with a household income of up to 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG)*:

Family Size

FPG 100%

FPG 150%

FPG 250%

































Each Add'l**




*Families under 150% may receive 100% discount; families between 151-250% may receive 50% discount on balance

**For family units with more than 8 members

Services that are not medically necessary are not eligible for free care or financial assistance. Free care is only considered after all third party payment sources have been exhausted.

If you do not qualify for Free Care, you are entitled to ask for a fair hearing. Contact us for information about applying for a fair hearing by calling 207.487.4020 or toll-free at 800.557.8578.

Below are the documents you will need to qualify and apply. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. If you do not have it, click here to install the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.